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The New Word Of Mouth

Social Media Marketing South Africa

Social networking websites allow individuals to interact with one another and build relationships. When companies join those sites, people can interact with the product or company. That interaction feels personal to users because of their previous experiences with social networking site interactions.

Social Media Marketing Agency South Africa DurbanSocial networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blogs allow individual followers to “retweet” or “repost” comments made by the product being promoted. By repeating the message, all of the users connections are able to see the message, therefore reaching more people.

Social Media Marketing can be the most effective way of getting your brand or company known to thousands overnight. With our brand tracking and social analytics solution you can see your return on investment immediately and can be used to improve on sections not performing as planned.

Facebook Social Media Marketing South Africa

Custom Facebook Pages

Build a website inside facebook

Be where your clients are. We make sure to expose your company or brand on as many social networks as possible. The first obvious and most important one will be Facebook. Instead of just creating a facebook page we also craft a mini website with all the most critical information available right on your facebook profile. We can add up to 12 extra pages to your current page including a contact form, e-commerce and lots more.

We perfected the craft of building successful facebook campaigns by including fangating and custom facebook applications. This keeps your fans and potential clients interested in your company or brand and create a social environment and increase viral marketing possibilities. Facebook marketing is great for a whole lot of reasons but most of all the possibility to target the exact audience you want ie: Gender:Females, Age:18-30 , Location:Pofadder, South Africa Interest: Baking. As you can see, you can really focus on very specific parameters when utilising Facebook for any marketing campaign, making it so much more effective.

Advanced Targeting

Display targeted content based on your audience’s geography, language, and demographics.┬áLeverage foreign language and character support to build pages for a global audience.

Mobile Social Media Marketing

Social Media Integration

Allow your visitors to share your content everywhere.

We make sure with all our websites, mobile applications, email marketing and content management that we include social media sharing capabilities. It is very important to allow your visitors to share your content on all available social networks. Our current solution allows sharing to over 320 social networks and is ever expanding. This method is really just a digital word of mouth marketing technique and can expose your brand or business to thousands with a click of a buton.

Social Media Marketing Solutions South Africa

Facebook E-Commerce

Sell your digital or tangible products on Facebook.

Facebook Shop Setup South AfricaOur F-COMMERCE solution allows you to easily sell your products on the most popular social network with over a billion active users. You will be up and selling in no time. Our wda.comm solutions allows you to easy manage your store with lots of features including multiple categories, stock management, multiple image galleries and much much more.

As with all our online web solutions the f-commerce package comes with detailed, step-by-step documentation on how to manage your shop. We also supply you with numerous books on how to increase your brand or company awareness over multiple social networks. f-comm is part of our .comm solution.

Brand Monitoring, Tracking and Reporting

Know your Return on Investment (ROI)

Search Engine Marketing South AfricaOur Social Media Monitoring, Analysis and Engagement Software track the impact of your social strategies over time. Success in social media communications requires two key elements: speed and action. Organizations that effectively utilize social media intelligence to build on positive buzz about their brand or quickly respond to an emerging crisis will rise to the top, while those that ignore the influence of online voices will risk losing out on valuable opportunities and, in some cases, suffer irreparable damage.


Managed and Self-Managed Marketing

Do it yourself with training included

Social Media Marketer South Africa DurbanSocial media has changed marketing forever and is increasingly changing how brands do business. Social is complex and can’t be planned in a vacuum. WDA.share is a team of specialists in content, campaign management, SEO & mobile who passionately believe in putting social at the heart of communications. We offer fully managed social media campaigns or we can set it up for you and hand it over for you to manage. With our self managed solution we supply in depth documentation on how to best market your business on social channels.

Social Media is just another way for brands to reach people and should never be planned, implemented or evaluated in isolation from other communications activity. At WDA, we offer a variety of skills and disciplines, including: Social Media Strategy, Community Management, Conversation Intelligence, Social Analysis/Insight, Content Creation, Social SEO, Mobile Marketing, Blog Outreach.



Managed and Self-Managed Solutions