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82.3% of online business is generated as a result of a search query - google 2012 insights

SEO is one of the most important factors of owning a website. If no-one can find you with search results you may as well not have a website but for business card use. Our clients are continually amazed at how the amount of enquiries increased after optimising their website for their particular industry. Our aim is to position your website as high up as possible on organic search engine result pages (SERPs). Your aim should be to feature as high up on the results pages as possible, because if you want to be found online you need to rank  – it’s that simple. Our SEO services ensure that every facet of your website is methodically organised and structured in a way that ensures better search engine results and in turn, high visibility. With all website projects we have a very strong focus on search engine optimisation and comes standard with all our packages. We also offer search engine optimisation as a stand alone service to companies aiming at increasing their search rank. There are numerous ways we implement in getting our clients first page and mostlt first position results. With our WDA .local combined with the WDA .search solution we focus on optimisation for geo specific locations. People tend to search for businesses close to them, so this is a very important part of our strategy.

Conversion Optimisation

Optimising your content and placing them in the right area

Content Optimisation South Africa Durban

Conversion optimisation works to ensure your website performs like the ultimate salesman, converting casual browsers into paying customers. It is a critical element of any website. We take the mystery out of conversion optimisation by combining our experience with state of the art tools. Conversion optimisation will be applied after we track the traffic and also monitor the user flow with usability tests and customer analysis. With this we can see if people click the buttons and read the content we intend them to. If they dont find the content we would like them to within 2 clicks then we know we need to optimise the content and either update or move content around on the website.

You need to ensure that your website visitors can instantly see who you are, what you do, why you’re so special, and how they can take action. We use expert knowledge and state of the art technology to make our clients websites convert more visitors into sales and enquiries.


Social Media Optimisation


These days, search engines such as Google apply much more significance to social media channels, so it is important to make sure your company communicates in a way that appeals to both modern audiences and to Google. We set up your profiles, provide you with unique content, and make sure everything is integrated across all channels via our WDA .share solution, to help you promote your company in as many different areas as possible. You can read more about our Social Media Marketing services here.


Mobile Social Media Marketing

Analytics and Reporting

Monthly reports and analytical data to your inbox

We report back on a monthly basis and strategise on improvements and content placement based on the reports. With our 10 years experience in search engine optimisation we've found the right tools and techniques to get you the search result that matter. Our solution is not a once off service as we continue for a minimum of three months optimising your content, mobile content, social media, and images for an optimal result. Your success is ours.


Measure your success

We report on six key performance indicators

  • Inbound links: Inbound links act like votes for your site. A variety of quality votes increases your chances of beating your competitors’ rankings in the search engines.
  • Search engine indexation: Indexation refers to the number of pages of your site that are stored within the search engine data­bases. The more new and unique content pages you add to your site, the more you increase its organic reach.
  • Keyword rankings: By creating more content pages that include specific keywords, your site is able to rank for a greater number of industry-related keywords on search engine results pages.
  • Top performing pages: Which of your pages are performing well and is traffic being funnelled to priority areas on your site?
  • Traffic: A greater number of keyword rankings will increase traffic to your site. This means more potential clientele without the help of paid advertising like Google AdWords.
  • Conversions: An increase in targeted traffic will increase the number of people that convert into pay­ing customers, which means our SEO service can increase your turnover. Then, we’ll continue to monitor things like bounce rate and continue to make improvements so that your revenues just keep growing.

SEO Management

After we’ve completed the SEO setup process, we provide monthly campaign management which includes:

  • Content development: Populating your site with optimised content – driving more potential customers to heed your call to action.
  • Link building: An important SEO strategy to ensure your site is constantly being promoted by other websites.
  • Onsite monitoring and fixes: An ongoing, in-depth analyses and series of fixes to ensure every part of your site runs smoothly and is search engine friendly.
  • Monthly reporting: Keep track of every facet of your online campaign.

Robust Analytics

Whether you manage one or thousands of properties, you can view aggregated or page level data that offers you insight into the content that is most engaging and relevant to your online audience.


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